Good Morning, this will be a multi-part article. (which are my thoughts, & do not reflect anyone else’s or HTB)

Today 05/10/2018 at 08:15 an article was posted on our favourite leftist media house News24 (sic), (a lovely platform which tries to control the narrative of south african’s) the Article i read was by columnists Christi van der Westhuizen who is associate professor of Sociology at the University of Pretoria.

The Article was really a thinly disguised hit piece/article where, she only spoke about right-wing or rather trying to associate people to the right, and totally leaving the Left alone, remember populism is a-two-way-street, the ANC has made great use of this tactic over the past 25 years, along with their creation the EFF. Please Read it Here.

After reading it, my soros spidey-sense was tingling in over drive mode, so like any good hunting dog, i went on the chase, knowing that i will eat into this tasty rabbit less than a minute later, i found her details; still thinking who was this brainwashed sociology professor? below is my first bite;

Just from the looks i gathered she’s a anti-god, pagan leftist lesbian right off the bat, “the short male looking hair style says it all, self-hate with this one is deeply entrenched with her!”

after looking at here twitter profile and most her post’s, my first above thoughts where confirmed, fancy that;

Her Pagan Tendencies; 

Her Leftist/Social Justice Warrior/Anti Whiteness/History (A Story in Pictures); 


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