SA-WIDE_ DAILY TIMELINE_ September 20, 2018 (20h20)

RSA-WIDE – September 20, 2018
– Updating: No reports

LIMPOPO – September 20, 2018
– STEELPOORT_ (07h30) Reports indicate unrest may erupt at Two Rivers Platinum Mine and Thorncliffe Mine.

GAUTENG – September 20, 2018
– Updating: No reports

MPUMALANGA – September 20, 2018
– Updating: No reports

FREE STATE – September 20, 2018
– Updating: No reports

NORTH WEST – September 20, 2018

– VENTERSDORP_ (06h00) Reports indicate unrest may continue. JB Marks Municipal Office in Ventersdorp and Potchefstroom are at risk.

– SANNIESHOF_ (07h45) Community of Agisanang are planning to march to the Municipal Office in Sannieshof at 09h00.

– VENTERSDORP_ (08h45) Unrest reported on the N14 Coligny Rd.

– POTCHEFSTROOM_ (09h10) There is a council meeting taking place at the JB Marks Municipal Office in Potchefstroom. Indications are that unknown number of Ventersdorp residents are on their way to Potchefstroom to disrupt the meeting, due to the issues they have with the Mayor.

– VENTERSDORP_ (18h00) On 16 September 2018 the Mayor of JB Marks local municipality promised the community of Tshing that on Tuesday 18 September 2018 the N14 development related documents will be signed and made available. This promise did not materialise, and no agreement was reached. No decision could be reached as a result of the municipal manager not being present due to legal issues over his post. Moreover, community members of Ventersdorp wants a signed document immediately, nonetheless it is unlikely that they will get this. Unrest is predicted continue in JB Marks Municipality tonight and tomorrow morning.

– KHUMA_ (19h00) Reports being received indicate problems may be unfolding in Khuma between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp . Reports indicate area not safe to enter, as protestors are starting to burn and barricade roads at all entrances to the area.

KWAZULU-NATAL – September 20, 2018
– DURBAN_ (07h00) Protest reported in Reservoir Hills – Battersea Av and Mountbatten Dr affected.

EASTERN CAPE – September 20, 2018
– BARKLEY WEST_ (07h00) Public violence reported – R31 affected.

WESTERN CAPE – September 20, 2018

– DURBANVILLE_ (08h30) Unrest reported on Langeberg Rd and Wellington Rd opposite the Durbanville Mediclinic.

– GEORGE_ (20h00). Unrest reported in Thembalethu – N2 affected. SAPS on the scene.

NORTHERN CAPE – September 20, 2018

– JAN KEMPDORP_ (07h00) Unrest reported near Valspan.

– HARTSWATER_ (09h00) Public violence reported in the area.


Please Note Reports are collected from multiple sources, Media News Groups (which really lacks true reporting), Twitter, Facebook, & (WILLSHIR & ASSOCIATES) being the main source which is done via WhatsApp groups, and shared to other community police forum across the country and Vice Versa.


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